Share, care, love and spell it out with our beautiful helium letter balloons. Not your ordinary helium letter balloon, but a 40’’ stunner! Bring a smile to everyone’s face and let them know who the party is for!

Available in a plethora of colours, from Gold to Green to Black and Blue, Helium letter balloons are a great alternative to flowers and an excellent idea for party decoration.

Any message can be spelled out in helium balloons – letters, ampersand-shaped, hashtags, questions marks or exclamation marks! Whatever the message it will be the perfect finishing touch for that special party.

Helium letters are perfect on their own or in as the centrepiece in an arrangement with foil shaped stars, hearts or rounds. Balloon arrangements are ideal for larger spaces that need to be decorated or rooms with high ceilings.

Let happiness float around the room and get everyone in the mood for a party with that special message for if you want to say it loud, say it with giant helium letter balloons!

All letter balloons are 40”/120cm tall