How long will helium filled balloons last?

Latex balloons only last for the day that they are delivered, so you must order them for delivery on the day of your event. Foil balloons last up to one week. They will go softer each day, but certainly be suitable for the next day.

Is there any way I can make my latex balloons last longer than one day?

If you order flat latex balloons from The London Balloon Shop and fill with Hi-Float liquid, before inflation, then the helium will last approximately three days.

Can foil balloons be filled with air?

It is possible to fill foils with air using a hand pump – but this is a delicate procedure since the valves on the balloons are really designed for the helium filling. Please note that air filled balloons will not float.

How many balloons can I attach to each balloon weight?

You can attach up to 20 latex balloons or standard sized foil balloons to each weight. If you are using larger balloons, then the weight will start lifting off the floor with fewer balloons.

Do you deliver balloons filled with air?

Unfortunately not. We only deliver balloons filled with helium, or uninflated balloons. If you want to fill your balloons with air, we recommend you to buy a hand pump, or an electric balloon pump if you have a large quantity to fill.

Will air filled balloons float?

No, only helium filled balloons float. Air filled balloons will stay on the floor.

I only want one flat latex balloon of each colour. Is it possible to buy in these quantities?

Unfortunately the flat latex balloons are only sold as a minimum of 10 of each colour.

Do you deliver helium filled balloons outside of London?

Helium filled balloons are only delivered to the postcodes specified on the delivery page. They are delivered by our courier. Uninflated balloons and balloon accessories are delivered via royal mail and therefore they can be sent anywhere in the UK. If you order helium filled balloons as well as flat balloons or balloon accessories, they can be sent by courier at the same time.

Where do I send any returns to?

In the unlikely event that you wish to return any goods to The London Balloon Shop, please send to The London Balloon Shop, Unit 103 Belsize Road, London, NW6 4BT. Any return postage must be paid for by the customer.

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