Sparkle Witch Animated Figure (2.05m)


Step into a world of enchantment this Halloween with our 2.05m Enchanted Halloween Witch Animation! This mains-operated figure brings a mystical ambiance to any setting, with its moving head that shifts from side to side, mouth that articulates, and eyes that gleam with a spectral light.

With its right arm that sways to and fro, this animated figure delivers a bewitching performance, enchanting anyone who dares to step closer. It weaves a spell with its spooky messages, allowing you to control the volume to set the perfect eerie atmosphere for your Halloween festivities.

This animated witch figure offers a delightful balance of spooky and family-friendly, making it the perfect addition to gatherings where a lighter, more jovial atmosphere is desired. Unlike some Halloween props that may be overly frightening or intense, this witch provides a friendly scare, making it ideal for family-centric Halloween celebrations.



Enchanted Halloween Witch Animation

Key Features:

  • Height: 2.05m for a life-sized haunting presence
  • Movement: Head and right arm move from side to side, creating a lifelike and spooky effect
  • Visual & Auditory Effects: Mouth moves with light-up eyes and speaks spooky messages to enthrall guests
  • Volume Control: Adjust the volume of the witch’s messages to suit the ambiance of your space
  • Power: Mains operated for uninterrupted performance
  • Activation: Features an infrared sensor, an ON mode, and a step-pad for versatile activation options

Usage Recommendations

This animated witch figure is best suited for indoor environments or covered porches to maintain its intricate features and functionality. While it can enhance your outdoor Halloween décor, it must be positioned in a covered area and shielded from adverse weather conditions. Please refrain from leaving it outside for extended durations.

Perfect for Halloween party settings, it will mesmerise and frighten guests, leaving an unforgettable impression!

Important Note: Please allow 3-4 working days for delivery