Sharp-Dressed Skeleton Animated Figure (203 cm Tall)


Perfectly poised to both spook and delight your guests, it’s an unparalleled Halloween party adornment. With proper care and storage, this exquisite Skeleton Halloween Prop promises longevity and endless Halloween enchantment.


Introducing the enthralling Animated Sharp-Dressed Skeleton, standing tall at 203cm / 80″, designed to bewitch and entertain. Powered by motion activation, this meticulously crafted figure showcases a jaw that moves in harmony with its high-quality sound recordings. Its striking blue and black striped suit, paired with a crisp white shirt and chic bowtie, exudes sophistication. Not to forget the dapper pocket hanky that adds to its elegance. The skeleton’s illuminated eyes and its black top hat, which elevates during its performance, add to the dramatic flair. Engage with its hypnotic display and find yourself captivated, eagerly anticipating each segment of its show. The power adaptor-included design features an adjustable volume for a customisable experience. To truly appreciate its grandeur, check out the video clip—it’s quickly become our top Halloween pick! This masterpiece arrives in individual packaging, requiring minimal assembly.