Candy Creep Animated Figure (1.9m Tall)


One of our favourite Halloween props, Candy Creep Animated Figure, individually boxed and ready to induce both scares and amusement. This prop is motion-activated and promises longevity with proper care and storage, making it an essential decorating piece for Halloween costume parties and a delightful source of eerie entertainment for your guests.

Experience the blend of terror and amusement this Halloween with the enchantingly eerie Candy Creep Animated Figure!

Important Note: Please allow 3-4 working days for delivery


Enchanting Candy Creep Animated Figure (1.9m Tall)

Step up your Halloween game with our striking Candy Creep Animated Figure, standing at an impressive 1.9m tall! This highly animated figure is a marvel in the realm of Halloween decorations and props, combining motion activation with high-quality sound recordings to create an unforgettable spooky experience.

Once activated, the Candy Creep’s eyes light up and his jaw moves in sync with various haunting sound recordings. He is garbed in a realistic, blood-splattered carnival jacket paired with a crisp white shirt, black tie, and matching trousers and shoes, bringing a horrifyingly authentic feel. The mask, featuring a wide mouth full of predatory teeth, bushy grey eyebrows, a furrowed brow, and grey tufts of hair, adds a finishing touch of terror.

In one hand, the Candy Creep sinisterly holds a multi-coloured lollipop, while behind his back, he conceals a large menacing mallet. Despite the eerie vibe, this animatronic figure has a hypnotic effect, leaving you entranced, anticipating his next move with the concealed mallet.

Key Features:

  • Height: A towering 1.9m.
  • Appearance: Dressed in a blood-splattered carnival outfit with a realistic mask.
  • Accessories: Holds a multi-coloured lollipop and a concealed mallet.
  • Animation: Features light-up eyes, moving jaw, and high-quality sound recordings.
  • Activation & Control: Comes with motion activation, a power adapter, volume control, and an optional step pad.
  • Assembly: Requires minimal assembly before use.