Jack In The Box Animated Figure (2.1m Tall)


Experience the captivating allure of our 2.1m tall animated figure, Jack In The Box, designed for those with a taste for the extraordinary. Meticulously engineered to sway from side to side, its mouth artfully moves in sync with its speech, enhancing the realism. The figure’s eyes illuminate brilliantly, while the internal LEDs create a mesmerising display within the box. With two distinct 18-second sound clips, you can adjust the volume to your preference. Whether you wish to activate it via sensor, step-pad, or keep it constantly on, the choice is yours.

This figure is meticulously designed to bring a wave of awe to your space, swaying from side to side while its mouth moves synchronously with its spooky speech, adding a layer of lifelike allure.

Elevate your decor and captivate your audience with this mains-operated marvel.


Mesmerising 2.1m Jack In The Box Animated Figure

Choose your mode of operation—sensor, step-pad, or keep it constantly illuminated. This figure is a fusion of technology and artistry, guaranteed to enchant any space it graces.

Key Features:

  • Height: A towering 2.1m.
  • Movement & Sound: Sways side to side with a moving mouth synced to distinct sound clips.
  • Lighting: Features brilliantly illuminating eyes and mesmerising internal LED display.
  • Activation & Control: Offers sensor, step-pad activation, or constant-on option, with adjustable volume control.
  • Power: Operates on mains power for seamless operation.