Helium Gas Tank Hire L Size

Helium Canister / Tank – Hire only

L size helium gas tank

Hire L size Helium canister from London Balloon Shop – Delivery within the M25 London.

‘L’ Helium canisters will fill approximately 790 standard size 11-inch latex balloons. Valve for the helium gas tank is included. FOR HIRE ONLY

Please phone for pricing enquiries and availability: 0800 298 0245


Helium Gas Canister / Tank Hire from The London Balloon Shop
To order helium gas from The London Balloon Shop, please call 0800 298 0245. Helium gas can only be delivered to post codes within the M25. Delivery charges apply. Delivery price included, please phone The London Balloon Shop before ordering helium gas canister online 0800 298 0245.
Check available post codes here.