Tom, N1
“...I ordered a fabulous balloon arrangement for my girlfriend on Valentines Day. She loved them! Thank you so much for such a swift delivery at such short notice.”
Marsha, NW6
“…Your airwalker balloons are so unusual. I bought the Mickey Mouse for my grandson, and a little dog for my granddaughter when they came to visit me last month. They were very much admired! Ive now promised to get them another one next time.”
Tom, N1
“...I ordered a fabulous balloon arrangement for my girlfriend on Valentines Day. She loved them! Thank you so much for such a swift delivery at such short notice.”
Petra, W1
“…Brilliant efficient service. Many Thanks.”
Elaine, NW3
“…I ordered balloons for my son’s Christening, and they were very much admired. Truly fabulous, they really made the church look wonderful.”
Xenia, SW3
“…There is no need to go anywhere else for balloons. You seem to have balloons for every occasion!”
Phoebe, NW8
“…I was looking everywhere online to find baby shower balloons, and I didn’t find any apart from on your website. They looked stunning when they arrived. Many Thanks.”
Pat, NW4
“…Im one of those last minute people. The London Balloon Shop really helped me out.”
Barbara, NW8
“…My daughter wanted something different to decorate her Bat-Mitzvah venue, and when we saw what balloons you offered, you seemed like the obvious choice. We were thrilled with the results, and our venue looked outstanding.”
Belle, NW4
“…I went to a party recently with some impressive balloon arrangements. My friend recommended The London Balloon Shop to me. Wow, what an impressive selection.”
Chris, N6
“…I ordered some bubble balloons from your website. I had never seen anything like it before. Really unusual balloons, and they lasted for weeks!”
Pete, W1
“…So there I was, thinking that a balloon was just a balloon. How wrong I was! So many to choose from! In the end I ordered some giant latex balloons from you. They were great fun. Real novelties.”
Fiona, W11
“…I ordered some lovely new baby girl balloons from you for my new granddaughter. They were beautiful. Thank you so much.”
Melanie, NW6
“…Ive used you for so many occasions now, and you have never let me down. Hen nights, baby showers, and get well balloons. I literally send balloons for every occasion. Great service.”
Penny, NW2
“...A friend of mine sent me some balloons from your company. So much nicer than flowers, and they lasted longer too. Lovely.”
Mario, NW10
“…I am the manager of an Italian restaurant, and we got balloons to decorate for a wedding party. My customer was so pleased with how they looked. It was so simple to order, and they arrived perfectly. We will use you again in the future.”
Will, N16
“…Your giant latex are brilliant! So cool.”
Nigel, W11
“…Im go glad I found somewhere to buy hi-float liquid. I really wanted latex balloons, but I needed them to last longer than just the day. This worked a treat. They lasted almost 3 days.”
Mandy, NW5
“…I ordered one of your foil balloon arrangements for my husbands birthday. We took them to the restaurant and they looked great. They took pride of place and made it into almost every photo that night.”
Fred, NW8
“…I chose to use The London Balloon Shop to decorate my parents golden anniversary party. The balloons were classy and looked stunning in the setting.”
Lorraine, W9
“…I wanted to let you know how wonderful my table arrangements looked for my wedding. So pretty, and really great value too.”
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